Tech Support Leads Vendor for BPO Call Center & Calling Data Provider in India

We are Tech Support Leads Vendor for BPO Call Center & Calling Data Provider in India for PC tech support, pharmacy (Pharma), education, energy, survey, IVR blasting & other call center’s campaigns!

Tech Support Leads Vendor for BPO Call Center & Calling Data Provider
Tech Support Leads Vendor for BPO Call Center & Calling Data Provider (Call Or WhatsApp: +91-9432788199)

Why choose Tech Support Leads Vendor for BPO Call Center or Calling Data Provider for your company In India?
If you are looking to buy B2C and B2B calling data leads for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Finland, South Africa, & other European countries. Then our excellent lead generation process helps you to recognize us as BPO Leads Vendor, BPO Leads Provider, Call Centre Leads Provider & Call Centre Leads Vendor for your company in India! People call us as the global one-stop calling data provider for fresh quality computer (PC) outbound leads for tech support process, IVR blasting leads, or IVR blasting data for any other BPO call centers campaign. We can provide the mobile number, cell phone number & landline number list for any country with full name and email address. Our genuine age-specific cold calling data always assure the higher connectivity with the best accuracy for any call center’s process. So, whenever you need to buy fresh outbound data for tech supportleads for pharma (pharmacy), education, energy, survey, insurance, solar, IVR call blasting or web design process to run in your international or domestic (Indian) BPO call centers, then we are the provider and “best data vendor” for USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Holland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Finland, South Africa, India & other European countries leads. Even you can get our best quality cold calling data from anywhere in the world because we deliver everything online. Most of the clients say that we are the one-stop provider or “best leads vendor” for call centers based in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & other cities of India. You may navigate to the Sample page to download samples right now! Or Call us on +91-9432788199.

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Already you have seen & dealt with thousands of International call center leads vendors, call center data vendor, call center leads provider, call center data provider & local database providers for BPO call centers, those are present in the market & you must have realized that most of the B2C lead provider or B2B data vendor were unnaturally useless for your call center and company. But after relying on us you will surely come to know about some better quality B2C Leads and B2B leads which will help your employees to achieve their targets & grow your business day by day. Our Raw US Tech Support Leads & other country’s data for outbound calling gradually helps to grab more sales conversion rates than ever. To make up a better personality, you just need to know that now we, as a Leads Provider or Leads Vendor are supporting around 500+ call centers in varied regions over the earth by providing the best international & domestic phone number list and email list.

So, after these, if you still know about some crap database providers, why depend upon them? Just make an instant touch with us and know more about us & our efficiency on the database for your business. For better knowledge, here are some glances about our regular efforts.


  1. Error Free outbound dialing
  2. Excellent Call Flow
  3. Lesser Waiting Time For Agents
  4. Genuine Quality
  5. The best response for email campaign
  6. Unique Surname On Database
  7. Better Conversion Rate
  8. Fresh Data For B2B & B2C
  9. Better Connectivity
  10. Variations On Email List & Phone Number Database for Telemarketing
  11. On-Time Delivery
  12. Replacement of Disconnected Numbers
  13. Most Important– ATTRACTIVE PRICE for BULK ORDERS

Tech Support Data Provider Lead The BPO Call Center Industry!

Every business has a central branch or you may call it head office, but Tech Support Data Provider is not congested in specific regions. And we are present everywhere, all across the world through our online presence. You can even get our digital products and services from each corner of the world because we deliver everything online with no hassle. So, it is very possible if you are in search of some genuine raw data for USACanadaUKAustraliaIndiaSweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Austria, New ZealandItalyFinlandSouth Africa, and other European destinations, you can easily contact us in a direct form in any surrounding regions.

It is not only about efficient PC tech support leads, but we are also engaged in launching some better approach to your online presence. Your website is the basic approach to your service and you may call it your virtual office at a glance because it gathers most of the conversions from the same place. So, if it does not satisfy your customer with your impression, there is the least chance of making business. After analyzing uncountable approaches, we have become able to find out some specific solutions that you may achieve your goal in a better way. We provide unique solutions for website designs and our effort is not bound by some traditional ways of designing. You may better understand the fact through our targeted tag-line, and that is “we are simple but effective”. You may ask for any web design and it may be static or dynamic, our effort will be there to launch the best use of the same.

As you are providing tech support throughout the world, you must wish for a flexible platform of international calling. You better know that there are many aspects to be considered getting better calling communication. It may be a better sound quality or a cheaper rate. We have not forgotten the same while providing such tech support leads. You can easily hire our expertise to experience a better VoIP service. It bound our expert professionals to implement some better tactics that you and your client will experience a better service to satisfaction. Some stunning features of our VoIP services will be experienced by you and you will be quite surprised about such PC calling around the international protocol.

Price is always a vital matter of business equation. If you are worried about hiring such expertise tech support leads to high expenditure, you are in a false dilemma. Besides having a better knowledge of technology and development, we are also aware of your budget. For a glance, you know that we charge the least cost at leads and the price is very less for Database or Leads. You can avail of a minimum 1 packet of DATA which contains 10,000 leads. We manage some exciting price packages for bulk orders by our expert team that you will never make you afraid to forward your steps.