Our Services

It will be mediocre to convey that you are still unaware of the technological renovations of the latest machinery. You are right. I am talking about a computer. You may be an individual or a business owner, the efficiencies of this little box is not unknown to you. Now, the matter is the knowledge to operate it. Besides that, there is always a necessity of enough knowledge to operate it. If it runs well, then its fine, but if there is a breakdown, then what? An individual can wait for a longer time to fix such issues, but in case of business entrepreneurs, it is very important to fix the same on an instant basis. We are here for the same support. It is the tech support leads that can make your business more smooth and easier utilizing the technological wonders in a better way. Nowadays, almost all of the efforts of business officials are somehow related to computer applications. So, you can easily understand the requirement of such technical support.

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Our services include

  • Call Centre Setup
  • Leads Generation
  • Telemarketing Database
  • VoIP Minutes
  • DID & TollFree No
  • Predictive Dialer
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Pop-Up Campaigns
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Website Design Service
  • Landing Page Design
  • SEO Services
  • API Integration
  • BPO Projects
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Web Hosting Plans
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • Business Consultation

A) Tech Support Leads– On behalf of all of these, you must have launched an efficient service that can provide support to the users who seeks for such tech supports. Now, we are here to support you. You may have experienced some services from the local vendors and might have experienced something worst with some unnatural leads. It is the time to hire some efficient service that will bring more natural and genuine leads. So, what are you thinking about? Our tech support leads are the easier ways to enhance your business to prosperity.

It is a common fact that every foundation requires a strong backbone to express some stronger impressions. Now, you are the service provider and we are the tech support leads. This combination will be the core aspect of the business that you have thought earlier. Our service includes the following aspects and after analyzing those there will be nothing obstructive that you can avoid contact with our support. Our core aim is to imply a unique and instant solution to technical faults and it may be through practical support or in the better medium of communication.

  • We always provide natural and productive leads.
  • Our support is active for 24X7.
  • Our support always proves high conversion ratio.
  • Some unique aspects to bring a genuine solution for outbound call centres.
  • We provide upgraded dialling facilities and error-free calling.
  • Availability of leads in both the processes of B2B AND B2C.
  • In case of disconnected number, there will be replacement guarantee of leads.

So, after getting the basic glances of our support, you must be thinking about more. Why don’t you make a call to our expert professionals available for 24X7? It will be your success and our achievement to provide a fruitful support. We are serving around 100+ call centres at present and it will be our great attainment to provide you with the same support.

B) Web Designing- Our expert professionals are playing an active role to make your business presence more efficient and attractive. In this advanced world of technology, there are uncountable resources fruitful for a better web design and we are engaged to implement the best. Our expertise support for web design includes:-

  • Static Design
  • Dynamic Design
  • Advanced portfolio of Flash
  • Better efficiency in user’s experience

So, it is the time not to think much, but to launch an efficient effort of web designing. We always think and experiment with your success and nothing else. So what are you waiting for? Just make a little effort and get the glances of some better business goals.

C) VoIP– Now let’s talk about VOIP. The interruption has only come from the above discussion. We are also engaged in providing some better and efficient ways of international calling. Especially, better international calling provides some reliable supports from your international clients. You may think that there is nothing absurd and hard to make a PC calling, but you are unaware of several facts that can make you’re as well as your client’s calling experience far better. We provide unique solutions for international calling providing some innovative ways of calling.

So, after knowing all of such beneficial aspects what do you think? Do we need your response at once? Are you worried about some higher expenditure of our support? After checking the exciting price packages of our service you will not be tensed to experience the change. So, it is not the time to make a game with your dilemma, just make a call and get our expertise. You may easily check the contact details here.