About Us

about us

We are one of the leading techie’s solutions engaged in bringing more business and prosperity for our clients. A techie’s solution is not only to fix technical issues, but it is the cure of some typical new inventions that make users more compatible and familiar with advanced technology. Our expertise thinking and fruitful effort will always be there to magnify your presence in supporting your clients throughout the world. There is no doubt that the design of your business website is responsible to make a better impression of your business. So, if you want to make a better and qualified attitude, just make a link with us and the same task will be managed by our responsible hands. It is not our boastful comment, but our existing clients have made us a gem in the industry of tech support leads, web design & digital marketing. It may be Kolkata or other emerging cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida we are always there as a supportive vendor in your needs.

The price values a lot in business and if you are investing somewhere you must expect a higher return. We also believe in the same strategy that’s why our services are value for money. We are not only supposed to launch a difficult web design that brings complexity among the viewers, but our efficiency always reflects to make your web-world simple but effective. Our advanced techniques of web design includes:-

  • Static Design
  • Flash design
  • Dynamic portfolios
  • User satisfied web designing
  • Simpler visual proving effectiveness
  • Regular improving your web design layouts

Besides our team’s fruitful effort, there will be an extended use of advanced software and technology that assure high return increasing the chances to acquire the business goals. So, what are you waiting for? Just make a ping or call to our support team and get a remarkable change in your business attitude. There is no alternative way to attract more business rather than implementing the best use of latest and best technology. A web design structure provided by us will not only to constitute a better image in the world of web, but the same will be far efficient for internal efforts like SEO or SEM. Dakshraj Enterprise is involved in website designing since 2006 and the VOIP service has been activated in 2008. In the field of web designing our support has been already proved efficient through several successes of several websites and in case of VOIP there are some experimental strategies launched by us are truly appreciable. It is not our responsibility, but it is only the summary of the client’s reviews.

Simply, just think about the varied use of advanced technology in the industry. So, if you do not opt for all of these, you may be left behind. In Kolkata due to some emerging trends in advanced technology, there is an undoubted prosperity of tech support companies and we are the foundation of your firm. Your service of tech support will find some extended appreciations hiring our tech support leads. We are not still satisfied with serving more than 100+ call centres throughout the world, but we need to express our expertise more. So, what are you searching for? We are here to make your tech support leads more fruitful through natural and genuine links.


  • We always proceed according to our client’s need.
  • Our Experts are always engaged in some experimental processes of inventing some better ways technical solution.
  • There will not only a distant support, but our expert professionals will also be available to provide a practical support standing beside you in case of web designing or VOIP service.

So, what do you think? We are not here to make only businesses, but you can experience a familiar support that brings a better communication with your clients. You will be tensed free as well as satisfied after experiencing a better demand of your tech support in the industry. If you are worried about the higher expenditure of hiring such an efficient support, just check our exciting price packages and the ease of opportunities will be far clear that there will be no such dilemma hiring us. We are not only engaged to provide a support for business officials, but we also link with manufacturers, writers, educational institutes, medical organizations and non-profit firms. Moreover, our core aim is to bring a simple and better ease of use in course of advanced technology.